ALL PRO Brushes Set


ALL PRO Brushes Set



Brush No. 31 - Blush

Suitable for applying a light blush with gentle distribution of the substance and does not create a rigid or blotchy appearance. Great for achieving a natural, even blush.

Brush No. 104 - Fan

The fan brush is flat and small, and a ‘must have’ in any makeup process for blurring, blending and applying pressed or loose powders. It is also suitable for applying shimmer and, because of its small size, it enables precision in the desired area.

Brush No. 106 - Makeup

An innovative, high-quality brush for applying makeup and achieving full coverage with the help of patting or light, gentle smoothing that enables distribution of the substance.

Brush No. 12 - Eyeshadow

A nice, dense brush, perfect for applying eyeshadow in a defined area, in the entire eye region, the inner parts of the eyelid, or for blurring along the bottom part of the eye.

Brush No. 10 - Blur

This brush is used for soft blurring and for applying powder shadows without a sticky, blotchy look. It sweeps gently across the skin and, because of its fluffiness, the powder shadow stays in place and doesn’t disperse.

Brush No. 3 - Lips

This brush is used for the application of lipstick or makeup substances on the lips, with optimal precision and comfort.
A thin, flat brush with a pointed end, adapted in shape for applying lipstick, for filling or drawing outlines and for easy and precise application.

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