Brush No. 205 - Bronzer/Blusher

Brush No. 203 - Eyeshadow Application

Brush No. 200 - Makeup/Concealer

Brush No. 202 - Eyeshadow Application

Brush No. 201 - Shading/Highlighting

Brush No. 204 - Blush

Brush No. 206 - Blur

  • Favorite brushes of the best makeup artists!

    The development process:
    After a long process of development, and from vast experience of many years in the beauty and fashion industry, Miki Buganim developed the LUXURY collection-set of 7 fine quality makeup brushes for a variety of uses in the face, eyes and neck areas.

    The desirable look:
    The brushes are designed with an elegant look that’s hard to miss, with wooden handles in a shade of mahogany brown providing a comfortable and firm grip, combined with rose-gold aluminium plating.

    The bristles:
    The unique elements of the LUXURY collection are the brush-heads, made of densely-packed bristles, combining natural hair and high-quality synthetic fibers, which are extremely soft and pleasant to touch.

    The set comprises 7 brushes:

    No. 200 – a flat brush for Makeup/Concealer
    Suitable for the application of makeup, concealer, and liquid substances.
    The sharp angle of the brush-head is adapted for easy application in the eye area.

    No. 201 – a brush for Shading/Highlighting
    This contouring brush is suitable for creating shades/highlights in the areas at the sides of the nose, the face and the jaw-line.

    No. 202 – a large brush for Eyeshadow
    Excellent for applying shadow to the eyelid.

    No. 203 – a small brush for Eyeshadow

    Excellent for applying shadow to the eyelid.

    Brush No. 204 – Blush
    Suitable for applying blush in a focus area such as the cheeks. Also good for the consolidation and blurring of wet and dry shades in areas such as the jaw-line and the cheekbones.

    No. 205 – a large brush for applying Bronzer/Blush
    A brush intended for the application of blush and bronzer in wide areas such as the cheeks or the neck region.

    Brush No. 206 – Blur
    With loosely-packed bristles, suitable for blurring.

    Comes in elegant MB boxes.
    For a limited period: 20% discount on the entire set!
    Arrives by courier directly to the house, free of charge!

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