The perfect pampering-pack for you, or as a gift for someone you care about, at great value!
Includes our highly sought-after products:

Brush No. 205 - Bronzer/Blusher


A brush intended for the application of blush and bronzer in wide areas such as the cheeks or the neck region.
The brush-head is made from a mixture of natural hair and fine synthetic fibers.


The MAXIMUM for your lips from Miki Buganim!

A transparent lip gloss that maximizes the appearance of the lips and gives them volume within minutes!
The Lip Amplifier contains a unique formula that enhances and accentuates the appearance of the lips, to look rich in moisture and full of luster.

Contains a combination of natural oils and hyaluronic acid, that contribute to the desired volume effect.
Effortlessly and instantly you can achieve the look you've always wanted.

Manufactured in Israel Not tested on animals Approved by the Ministry of Health


The intensity of the volume effect and the time for it to become effectual may vary from customer to customer.
For optimal results, use clean lips.

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DESERT Bronzer

DESERT Bronzer gives a glowing, tanned appearance and is part of the Absolute Glam collection.
Excellent for shading and facial toning.

The perfect addition to your makeup bag – a MUST HAVE from the Miki Buganim COSMETICS line.
The collection of Blushers and Bronzers was inspired by an exotic vacation, with basic shades that promise to compliment every face.
The blush contains a unique formula, rich in pigments, and comes in a velvety-silk texture with a glossy finish that,
together with tiny crystal particles, creates radiant, perfect-looking skin!

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